Benefits of Airbnb

If you travel every now again you’ve probably heard about service called Airbnb, if not I will briefly explain to you what it is. Airbnb it’s a website/service, where you can rent your room, bed or house if you are traveling. On the other hand, you can rent out your property if you want to earn some extra money. I’ve used Airbnb as a traveler so I’ll go through the benefits that it has over traditional hotel.

You get to know local;
When you rent a hotel room, it always feels bit cold and un-personal, especially if you travel to a new country that you have never been before. It always makes you feel like a stranger (which you are, but no one wants to feel like that). When you rent a room in a house with a  local person, you get to know them. On several occasions, I have been showed around the city by the owner of the house, which makes you feel welcomed to the city that you are visiting.


You can cook at home;
When you’re staying at the hotel, you always have to eat out, whether you want or not. With Airbnb you stay in a real home that people live in, not just sleep, so there’s most times likely going to be kitchen that you can use. Sometimes the owner even leaves you some basic ingredients, so you don’t have to buy every single thing.

It’s cheaper;
Yes, it’s cheaper, and quite a lot cheaper. When you rent a hotel room, you always end up paying quite a bit of money, but when getting room form Airbnb, you end up saving quite lot of money. Especially if you are a big family renting more than just one hotel room it’s quite expensive. When getting Airbnb, you can get entire house for the same price as a hotel room, don’t ask me why is it cheaper, it just is


If you’ve never tried Airbnb now it’s definitely the right time to try it, click here for the airbnb hosting guide

Why Become an Electrician?

If you are stuck about what you want to do for a career and don’t know what you want to do you may want to consider becoming an electrician.

All homes and offices in this day and age is powered by electric and the world could not run as it does today without electricity.

There are many NICEIC qualified London electritions about but there is plenty of room for more and there is plenty of work available.

Becoming an electrical contractor, you could either work alone by being self employed or work for a reputable company for a wage.

Either way, no two days will be the same and it would be ideal for someone who like to travel about and not be stuck in one space. You could one day be working on a building site with many people and then the next job could be a domestic electrical job in someones home.

The rewards are great as well as the average electrician in the UK earns anything between £23,000 to £30,000 salary You could also work overtime and if you are 24 hours during the night if an emergency occurs.

You cant just start as an electrician as you will need to get fully qualified. You will need to take certain courses and do a level 2 and 3 NVQ. You will not be consigned to a classroom and you will get the experience that you need through on the job training. You will also be able to earn and learn at the same time which will keep you motivated and you will not build up a huge student loan debt.

You will also get job security as electricians are always in demand as people will always have the odd electrical problem at home. As electricity is dangerous and there is a risk of more damage of harm or further damage to a property people are advised to have a fully qualified electrician to do the job correctly.

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