Why Become an Electrician?

If you are stuck about what you want to do for a career and don’t know what you want to do you may want to consider becoming an electrician.

All homes and offices in this day and age is powered by electric and the world could not run as it does today without electricity.

There are many NICEIC qualified London electritions about but there is plenty of room for more and there is plenty of work available.

Becoming an electrical contractor, you could either work alone by being self employed or work for a reputable company for a wage.

Either way, no two days will be the same and it would be ideal for someone who like to travel about and not be stuck in one space. You could one day be working on a building site with many people and then the next job could be a domestic electrical job in someones home.

The rewards are great as well as the average electrician in the UK earns anything between £23,000 to £30,000 salary You could also work overtime and if you are 24 hours during the night if an emergency occurs.

You cant just start as an electrician as you will need to get fully qualified. You will need to take certain courses and do a level 2 and 3 NVQ. You will not be consigned to a classroom and you will get the experience that you need through on the job training. You will also be able to earn and learn at the same time which will keep you motivated and you will not build up a huge student loan debt.

You will also get job security as electricians are always in demand as people will always have the odd electrical problem at home. As electricity is dangerous and there is a risk of more damage of harm or further damage to a property people are advised to have a fully qualified electrician to do the job correctly.

You can read more from our blog at http://www.sos-electricals.co.uk/blog

Hiring a magician nottingham

The Magic Show by magician nottingham is a great choice for events where exciting magic can be enjoyed by all the guests in a short period of time. Close-up magicians who has performed strolling or table magic, will also include a 20 to 30-minute cabaret act either before, between or after dinner. He shows can be performed in many different styles ranging from traditional manipulation to mind reading to comedy. It all depends on the type of even you are holding. If you event has lots of non-English speakers, then a manipulation act is very suitable. If your event is meant for corporate or business in nature, then a mind reading magician is more appropriate. And if you want lots of audience participation and laughter, then a comedy magician is sure to bring out the joy in everyone. You may have seen cabaret magicians performing at clubs, cruise ships and concerts.


Drawing room magic shows have recently made a come-back at private parties where magician usually performed for 30 minutes after a dinner. It was immensely popular with the Victorians, but was almost a dead art for almost a hundred years. It is closely related to a cabaret show but a much smaller scale where audience get to watch and interact with the magician only a few feet away.

360 Degree 4K Lifestyle at the Novotel Hotel in Canary Wharf, London at 39th floor

See the 360 Degree 4K Lifestyle at the Novotel Hotel in Canary Wharf, London at 39th floor. Fernando was there with his friends who are also digital nomads. These guys normally travel around, work from their smartphones and laptops and chill.

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9D Lifestyle in Sofia Bulgaria Presented By ClickDo Media – #DailyHustle 021

The world class 9D lifestyle was presented on teh #DailyHustle 021 by Fernando and his ClickDo Media team from UK and Sri lanka.

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When You Need a Locksmith

Every home has locks on them and sometimes they break or need repair. It is vital that they are kept in good condition so the property is secure hich will reduce the

There are certain situations that you may need a locksmith whether you have a faulty locks that are damaged or are broken, you have been unfortunate enough to have broken into you may need an emergency locksmith.

Locks do need some maintenance and if they are not looked after, then you could run into some problems and they may not last as long as they could with some proper care.

In an emergency situation if your home is left unsecured you will need the services of a 24 hour trades person to do the job for you. You may have even left your keys at home and locked yourself out and need to gain entry to your property.

A qualified locksmith will be able to supply, fit or repair a quality locks to your home or business premises.

To find a Local qualified Locksmith in your area your best bet would to use a search engine and add your area or postcode. This way you should be able to find a locksmith that can get to you within a reasonable time to help you out.

If this is in the middle of the night, a temporary repair may only be possible due to the parts not being available. If his the case the locksmith will arrange a suitable time for you to come and finish the repair on the next day.



Benefits of Airbnb

If you travel every now again you’ve probably heard about service called Airbnb, if not I will briefly explain to you what it is. Airbnb it’s a website/service, where you can rent your room, bed or house if you are traveling. On the other hand, you can rent out your property if you want to earn some extra money. I’ve used Airbnb as a traveler so I’ll go through the benefits that it has over traditional hotel.

You get to know local;
When you rent a hotel room, it always feels bit cold and un-personal, especially if you travel to a new country that you have never been before. It always makes you feel like a stranger (which you are, but no one wants to feel like that). When you rent a room in a house with a  local person, you get to know them. On several occasions, I have been showed around the city by the owner of the house, which makes you feel welcomed to the city that you are visiting.


You can cook at home;
When you’re staying at the hotel, you always have to eat out, whether you want or not. With Airbnb you stay in a real home that people live in, not just sleep, so there’s most times likely going to be kitchen that you can use. Sometimes the owner even leaves you some basic ingredients, so you don’t have to buy every single thing.

It’s cheaper;
Yes, it’s cheaper, and quite a lot cheaper. When you rent a hotel room, you always end up paying quite a bit of money, but when getting room form Airbnb, you end up saving quite lot of money. Especially if you are a big family renting more than just one hotel room it’s quite expensive. When getting Airbnb, you can get entire house for the same price as a hotel room, don’t ask me why is it cheaper, it just is


If you’ve never tried Airbnb now it’s definitely the right time to try it, click here for the airbnb hosting guide

How To Buy A Custom Designed Sliding Door Wardrobe In London

There are two main ways by which one can acquire or install a sliding door wardrobe in their bedroom; one can either have it built when the house is being constructed, or secondly, one can have a nice furniture dealer design it, and have it installed. This latter option is gaining more popularity, because most home owners and interior designers never anticipated a scenario where these kinds of wardrobes would be needed. Here in London, there are several reputable furniture dealers who are equal to the task of designing and selling the best custom designed sliding door wardrobes. Fci London is one such example, having serves residents of London for almost 30 years now, and still excelling at what they do.

sliding-door-wardrobeOnce you have decided that you want to buy a custom designed sliding door wardrobe, the first thing you’ll need to do is take the measurements. You can either take those measurements to the furniture store dealer, or have technicians come and conduct a feasibility study. They will measure the size of your bedroom and advice you on the best kind or size of a sliding door wardrobe that would fit in well. Some of these wardrobes are already made and ready for purchase, while others may have to be constructed once the technicians have taken measurements. Whatever the case, the important thing is to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable furniture store that knows exactly what’s expected of them. You can even opt to buy designer sliding door wardrobe; such is more durable, more aesthetically appealing, and gives a wow touch to your bedroom.


For more details on the latest custom designed sliding door wardrobes available at fci London, just check out www.fcilondon.co.uk which is the best contemporary furniture store in London.

How to Arrange Your Photography Studio Lighting

Getting the best out of your photographs is not only about having the best camera or shooting technique. It is about ensuring that you have the proper lighting in the studio for your shoot. This means arranging for proper studio lighting.


First, Have At Least Three Lights

When setting up photograph lights in you studio, you will have to ensure that you have at least three lights available. The main light, fill light and backlighting light. These are the three recommended lights for any peak studio.

Main Light Behind or Beside Camera

When dealing with the main light, it is important to ensure that it is strategically placed in a position that allows proper definition and highlight of the main subject in focus. This is best achieved by placing your main light either behind the camera or on the right side of the camera.  This is an excellent set up especially if your subject is placed on the left side of the frame.

Put Fill Light in front for Shadows

Fill light is a less powerful light than the main light. This light should therefore be placed in front of the subject to fill in the shadows created by the main light. While placing the fill light, ensure that it is placed and pointed in a position lower than the main light. If you want more shadows, you can reduce the amount of fill light for your liking.

Backlighting Light Above or Below Subject

Also known as rim or hair light, the backlighting light brings out the background of the subject by separating it from the subject. Depending on the desired effect, the hair light is not the best to use if you have a light background or if you want your subject to blend in with the background.


Arranging your Studio lighting can be an easy thing regardless of whether you have tried it before or not. All you need is a bit of research, an open mind, and a few light accessories to get you going.

For a photography studio in london it may be a little more expensive to hire than in some other parts of the country. You will need to shop around and do some research beforehand and find out what you will get for your money. You can visit this Facebook page for extra tips.


How Household Waste Is Disposed Of In The UK

For such a long time, many households here in the UK relied on the local governments for rubbish removal & clearance for home waste. The authorities would pass by on agreed and specified days within neighborhoods, and clear all waste around. But with time, as more and more households sprung up in major cities like London, the need for modern, reliable and professional home waste clearance became very real. Today, a huge percentage of UK residents rely on private waste clearance companies to effectively manage their home waste.

How private waste clearance companies in the UK work;

  • Usually, a home owner will start by searching for the best home clearance company around. Considering that there are numerous waste clearance companies in the UK, most people prefer to do a quick search on the internet. Here, one is able to see which is the most affordable, or most reputable, most professional waste clearance company that operates around them.
  • Once the home owner has identified the ideal rubbish clearance services company for the task at hand, they will proceed to engage the company. Most home waste clearance companies in the UK have invested such in their customer care teams; one can book their services at any time or day of the week.
  • In most cases, most waste clearance companies in the UK will agree with the home owner how frequently they want to have their waste cleared. Bins are provided where the home owner can compile all waste generated; the bins are emptied after every 2 days, weekly, or at the agreed time.
  • It’s worth noting that a bug number of these waste clearance companies are eco friendly, and most will recycle or reuse most of the waste generated in homes. In fact, the higher the recycling rate of a home waste clearance company, the more popular it is likely to be with UK residents.

Fo extra guidence and advice of waste management, please visit http://www.quickwasters.co.uk

How ClickDo Helps Magicians In London To Get Clients Regularly

Just like in any other field, magicians in London aim to get themselves as many clients as possible. This is especially so considering that magicians rely on this trade as their source of livelihood, meaning that they take it very seriously. But over the years, more and more magicians have come up in and around London, making the competition very tight. As such, only the best of the best, the most creative of the magicians, are able to thrive. Here at ClickDo, we are your reliable partner when it comes to branding yourself, and making your way to the top!

ClickDo has worked with many individuals and businesses across the UK, helping them establish a robust online presence. Our SEO and digital marketing agency services are the surest way of reaching out to as many clients as possible. It’s all about the way you brand yourself; the average Londoner doesn’t know about you as a magician and therefore, you have to present yourself nicely. Our services include web design, and optimizing your site to ensure that you get the top rankings on the major search engines. Mind you, more and more people are looking for london magician to grace their events online! This is to say that only magicians whose sites are on the top pages of the search engines, will be found, contacted, and possibly hired to showcase their magician skills.

ClickDo also helps design systems where you can liaise with your fans and potential clients, enable them to peruse over your itinerary online, watch your videos directly from your site, and if convinced, even book and pay online! This automation of services will go a long way in reducing your need for hiring extra people to coordinate these things. In this digital era, don’t let your magician career be left behind; talk to ClickDo today, you can never go wrong with us! See about ClickDo on Facebook